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Safe Operation of the Battery
Release time:2016-09-12 Source :VOLTEC POWER

1.1 Electric energy

•When the positive and negative electrode poles are accidentally shorted out by metallic conductor (metallic tools, wires and accessories and so on), i.e., short-circuit outside the battery happens, electric arc will melt the poles and lead to the melted lead alloy splashing, which may produce large amount of heat and cause burning.

•Prevention: when install the battery with metallic tools or make fault diagnosis with metallic wires, the positive and negative electrode poles of the battery should be prevented form direct short-circuit.

•Protection: wear protective glasses and gloves.

• First aid: if it is on fire, adjustable spanner or other tools should be used to break the connection of metallic conductors outside the battery. Do not touch it with bare hands. Use extinguishing substance to put out the fire.

1.2 Sulfuric acid

•Housing of the battery may be cracked due to falling or overcharge of the battery, and sulfuric might flow or spill from the cracks.

•Prevention: move the battery carefully and stack them up vertically; charge according to charge procedure.

•Protection: wear protective glasses and acid-proofing clothes.

•First aid: if the skin is exposed to the sulfuric acid, wash it with large amount of water and then take off the polluted clothes; if that is exposed to the eyes, immediately wash with clean water for at least 10 minutes; if that accidentally split in the mouth, drink a large amount of water or milk. See a doctor for treatment if necessary.

1.3 Gas emission

•Oxygen and hydrogen mixture will be emitted to the air through outlet holes during charging or test of the battery. If the concentration of the hydrogen exceeds 4%, it will explode when encountering open fire, spark or high heat.

•Prevention: Keep ventilation in charging area. Prohibit smoking to avoid spark and open fire. Move the battery after half an hour after the charging finished (releasing the internal hydrogen completely) to prevent the exposure of counter electrode during shaking of internal liquid, which may cause internal lightening and igniting of the hydrogen.

•Protection: Wear protective glasses and acid-proofing clothes.

• First aid: If the battery explodes, sulfuric acid will spill in large amount. The operator should rinse the sulfuric acid where it drops with water immediately; and if necessary, send the personnel burned by the sulfuric acid to the hospital immediately.




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