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How to maintain a battery for user
Release time:2016-09-12 Source :VOLTEC POWER
I. Routine Maintenance
1. The surface of the battery should always be kept clean, if the surface is found to have dust and acid liquor, it should be wiped immediately, when wiping, you can use the wiper with soda water to wipe for one time, and then use the wiper which is cleaned by clean water to wipe.
2. Check the appearance of the battery regularly, if the appearance is out of shape and bulging, please stop using the battery immediately, at the same time, check whether the charging voltage of the electric generator is too high, or whether the gas vent is blocked by the dust.
3. If the battery is over-charged due to improper operation, or the battery loss electricity for the resting time of the car is too long, please recharge the battery, if the time of insufficient electricity is too long, you can charge and discharge the battery for many times to maintain it.
4. During the process of charging when you get off the car, the temperature of the electrolyte should not exceed 45℃, and take strict precaution against overcharge in accordance with the requirements of the fourth part.
5. During the process of use, over-discharge should be strictly prohibited, or it will shorten the life of the battery.
6. During the process of charging and discharging, keep favorable ventilation of the environment, exclude the acid mist and the combustible gas generated in the process of charging to make the indoor air fresh and reduce the acidity molecules’ corrosion to personnel and equipment, and prevent the combustible gas from being ignited.
7. Exclude the faults in time once being discovered.
Ⅱ. Regular Inspection and Maintenance
1. Check on a monthly basis whether the output voltage of generator regulator is among 13.8-14.4V (12V) or 28.3±0.3V (24V). If the output voltage is beyond this range, the situation is abnormal and its continue usage will damage the battery, which should be timely maintained.
2. Check the battery connection and battery installation monthly to see if there is any loose, whose situation happens in seasons with larger temperature difference. If there is any loose, it should be tightened timely. White powdery substance may be produced at storage battery pile head when using, which need to use sand paper, copper wire brush to clean up, or hot water to douse and impurity should be avoid to entering the internal battery when processing.
3. Launch duration of vehicle is within 3-5 seconds and its restart intervals should be not less than 20 seconds. If vehicle still can not be started after multiple starts, the battery and starting circuit need to be checked. The situation is more common in winter.
4. When the battery voltage is less than 12.5V, the battery should be promptly charged, or the life of the battery will be affected.
5. When using or storing battery, check whether the vent is unblocked to avoid battery deformation or cracking.
6. Battery should be kept far away from heat and open fire. Ventilation should be maintained when using and charging to avoid damages to human by cracking.
7. In case that battery or vehicle not being used for a long time, the battery should be charged with full power for storing. Otherwise it will affect the battery life.



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