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Recommendation to OEM on Use of Battery
Release time£º2016-09-12 Source £ºVOLTEC POWER
1. Some car batteries are put into warehouse with insufficient power after vehicle debugging, which will influence the service life of the battery. We recommend checking every battery of the incoming vehicle and recharging the battery with insufficient power.
2. During storage of vehicle, the battery should be inspected regularly and sufficient power should be maintained to avoid short-circuit due to sulphation of battery plate or the penetrating dendrite crystal of separator, which will influence the usage of the battery.
3. In case that vehicle can not be started in sale, the battery has to be removed and charged outside the vehicle. However, due to the difference of charging outside the car (constant current) and inside the car (constant-voltage& limited-current), it will be difficult to start the vehicle in short time as the change of charging method, even though that starting is normal when charging inside the car.
Most distributors start the vehicle everyday to facilitate sales, but have no awareness to charge the battery. They will only charge the battery outside the vehicle when it is difficult to start the vehicle, which is too late, for the lack of power in a long time has already caused damage to the battery. Therefore, we recommend that distributors should maintain the battery as normally required.
5. Service station of OEM may not be familiar with fault diagnosis or repair and maintenance, which will cause subjective assume of fault diagnosis or most difficult starting is caused by the same failure type. This is bad for improving the battery.
When service station has difficulty in starting the vehicle, they tend to replace the battery. For example, minor faults in electric generator or starter may be solved instantaneously through this, but it is not good for searching and solving the root cause.




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